Het Nieuwe Normaal

Het Nieuwe Normaal

Post-ironic, post-grunge, post-traumatic pop music

    • Noise
    • Grunge
    • Hardrock
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    • Alternative
    • Post-traumatic pop
    • Band
  • Wevelgem


Het Nieuwe Normaal is the brainchild of Kortrijk-born musician Maxime Rouquart, who played in an eclectic array of bands (Vonnis, Modder, Barst, Eraserhead) and made waves as a theatrical composer working with the likes of Needcompany, Lisaboa Houbrechts, Simon Lenski & Claire Chevallier. With Het Nieuwe Normaal Rouquart dives into collective & deeply personal trauma, connecting the dots along the way.

The band draws comparisons to contrarian acts with a pop sensibility such as The Breeders, Nirvana and Evil Superstars. Heavy, contorted riffs, driving bass and a brand of high octane drumming are alternated with hooky melodies and harmonies. A beautifully twisted backdrop for bassist and songwriter Maxime Rouquart’s hyper personal blend of anecdotal poetry and apocalyptic imagery, inspired by a zeitgeist that’s increasingly paranoid, insensitive, exclusive and blind to the echoes of it’s past.

Over the course of two years the group will steadily roll out their debut full album. Firstly in the form of an EP which will be released digitally in the fall of 2024. Early 2025 will see the release of a second EP, followed by a full-album release exclusively on vinyl, tape and CD. The physical full album comprises of the material on both EP’s but has it’s own artwork, sequencing and mastering. Thusly deliviring a unique work of art for the listener’s enjoyment.

File under: Dirk, No Prisoners, Nirvana, The Breeders, Evil Superstars, Barmarket




  • Maxime Rouquart

    • 33
    • Kortrijk (BE)

    Elektronica - Stem - Bas

  • Laurent Honoré

    • 29
    • Izegem (BE)


  • Niels Manhaeghe

    • 34
    • Avelgem (BE)

    Stem - percussie

  • Neal Truyaert

    • 33
    • Waregem (BE)

    Gitaar - Sax

  • Maarten Degraeve

    • 32
    • Waregem (BE)

    Drum - Samples


  • Hollywood cocktailbar

    Gent, België


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