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Possessed yet measured. Uneasy yet mesmerising. Disorienting yet catchy. HEISA is all of it, and preferably at the same time. In the best tradition of unconventional bands ranging from Tool across Battles to Warpaint, HEISA forges songs that run the gamut from surprise and enchantment to castigation. Indie, yes, but nothing like the kind that you know. HEISA loves rhythms, atmospheres and keyboards, and the painstakingly constructed tension tension with punishing guitars and waves of distortion. The vocals do not monopolise the listeners attention but instead complement the other instruments. The result is an entirely unique sound.

Verse, chorus, weird stuff.

HEISA are Jacques Nomdefamille (vocals, bass, keyboard), Koen Castermans (guitar, backing vocals), Jonathan Frederix (drums, backing vocals)

Genre Indierock, mathrock, noiserock

For fans of Shellac, Battles, Warpaint, Tool



- 1st Prize and Audience Award DE BELOFTEN 2018

- 1st Prize and Audience Award FRESH BLOOD 2017


Bookings: Bjorn@busker.be

Label/Promo: tony@maywayrecords.com

Management: lieselotte@theproductionroom.be

Website: www.heisalovesyou.com


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