Ghentian heavy roots outfit mixing up 70ies rock with a lot of stuff that bears any resemblance to roots and blues.

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    • Heavy Blues / 70ies Rock
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Harvesters are dubbed a badass heavy roots band from Ghent, Belgium, with a serious crush on the 70s. They got together in 2022, after two of them rocked the stage with Jon Spencer and decided to join forces. They crank out killer tunes with grooves about as greasy as a Detroit Soul Kitchen chicken recipe, and are heavily dipped in the influences of great songwriting rock outfits and renegades from the 50s to the 70s, with a little garage on top to make their flavour their own.. Harvesters live for the thrill of playing live and deliver high octane shows to every crowd.

They have rocked the house at festivals and venues such as Sjock, N9, Trix, Missy Sippy, and Kingsland, and shared the stage with awesome bands like The Lords Of Altamont and Ayron Jones. And they did all that with only one demo to their name. In late 2022, they hit the studio to record “At Rosie’s Palace”, with the help of Cedric Maes and Alessio Di Turi (The Sore Losers, The Sha La Lees). The album, which features 10 nuggets of roots inspired goodness, dropped on September 1, 2023 and became a rare and to-be-obtained collector by the time best wishes for 2024 were expressed.

Harvesters’ music is best paired with a potent Belgian beer in hand. But hey, they won’t hold it against you if you go for soy milk. They’re cool like that. After all, milk makes you strong. Or so they claim. Well, someone claimed that at some point, but we forgot who.


Praise for Harvesters :

Eén van de coolste stemmen in het Belgisch muzieklandschap op dit moment. - Best Songs In The World (Willy Radio)

Hard, catchy, groovy & to the point. Wars van kapsones en ander tijdverlies. De backbone Soens (bas) – De Clerck (drums) staat als een net opgeleverd huis, etaleert continu een verbluffend gevoel voor ritmiek en groovet als de be(e)sten. - Kinkystar Ce Soir

Meerdere luisterbeurten halen ons uiteindelijk helemaal overstag. Dit zijn namelijk tien zeer aanstekelijke liedjes die we na een eind gewoon niet meer uit ons hoofd krijgen. - Luminous Dash

Hell fire! This is one badass rock album that hits on all cylinders! I can’t choose just one favorite song, because from top to bottom, these songs all ROCK, just the way I like it. Repeated listens to this amazing LP bring me more and more joy. Don’t overthink things. Roll down the windows on your whip, and let these stellar tunes transport you. The myriad influences are easy to spot, but the sound is incredibly fresh, effortless. This is classic rock at its absolute finest. What a great ride! - RJSebring (Bandcamp, U.S.A.).

Back to school blues: spend your lunch money wisely... Debuutelpee van Harvesters tikt alle dozen: grungy rootsrock soundtrack voor de eerste kroegentocht. - Stoffige Vingers.

Like old hardcore kids playing ZZ Top. - Jezus Factory (U.K.)

A suitably caustic production commanded by an itchy sibilance and a thrilling guitar sound like a rusty oil-drum being cleaned with a scythe” - Vive Le Rock (U.K.).




  • Bart Soens

    • 49
    • Eeklo (BE)

    Bas - Stem

  • Miguel Moors

    • 57
    • Nazareth (BE)


  • Lion Declerck

    • 26
    • Eeklo (BE)


  • Paul Lamont

    • 50
    • Ghent (BE)

    Gitaar - Stem


  • Retro-Sur-Mer

    De Haan, België

  • Private show

  • Kaaiken Rockt - Eeklo

    9900 Eeklo, België

  • Venue T.B.A. - Hoegaarden

  • PDL B'Day (+ Dirty Phil)

  • Live In Hasselt

    Hasselt, België

  • Gonzo

    Ninove, België

  • Zomerlief

    Lievegem, België

  • Textival

    Kortrijk, België

  • Barfeesten

    9900 Eeklo, België


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