Ghentian heavy roots outfit mixing up 70ies rock with a lot of stuff that bears any resemblance to roots and blues.

    • Classic Rock
    • Rock & Roll
    • Heavy Blues
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  • Gent


Foursome from Ghent (Belgium) who got together after two of their members - following opening shows they did for Jon Spencer - decided to put their love for great songs and all things nice from the musical 70ies in the blender. Expect: great songs with plenty of 70ies rock grooves, brought by people who love being on stage.

In 2022, Harvesters took to the stage for the first time and this has seen them come through stages at Sjock Festival, N9, Trix, Missy Sippy, Kingsland and opening up for bands such as The Lords Of Altamont and Ayron Jones. Not a bad tally for a band operating on just one demo. November '22 saw them gathered at GAM studios to record their first full length with the aid of Cedric Maes and Alessio Di Turi (The Sore Losers, The Sha La Lees, Radio Willy). The 10 track album is aimed for release in winter of 2023.

Harvesters' blend of music works extremely well with any local beer north of the 8 percent alcohol concentration. But do not fear: even when you are a lover of soy bean milk, they will love you no less. Milk is good, after all. Or so we're told.




  • Bart Soens

    • Eeklo (BE)

    Bas - Stem

  • Miguel Moors

    • Nazareth (BE)


  • Lion Declerck

    • Eeklo (BE)


  • Paul Lamont

    • Ghent (BE)

    Gitaar - Stem


  • Private Show

    Hasselt (BE)

  • Rock Café Leuven - with guest t.b.c.

    Leuven (BE)

  • Old Timer Run

    1745 Opwijk, België

  • Crate Records

    Kortrijk, België

  • Dzjuu Fest

    9900 Eeklo, België

  • Djingel Djangel - with 50 Foot Combo

    Antwerpen, België

  • Mysterioso

    Gent, België

  • JH De Snuffel - Brugge

    Brugge, België

  • Djingel Djangel

    Antwerp (BE)

  • Bruce 'n Blues

    Lebbeke (BE)

  • Private Show

    Gent (BE)

  • 70ies Cycle Run

    Sint-Laureins (BE)

  • Gentbrugge Leeft - with Thee Andrews, Blackup ...

    Ghent (BE)


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