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"Nine chords and the (partisan) truth. Delicate acoustic fiddling set to the jagged softness of otherwordly phrase smithing."

Harĕhaas's core aim is attempting to whisper its truths and untruths straight into this earth's soil. To plant them and watch them grow into gnarly old trees. Just don't expect them to be fruit bearing trees.

'Mouth and Marrow', First EP by Harĕhaas

Recorded in short bursts over the course of 9 months, in either Upstate New York, Holland's 'Zeeland' or Flanders' 'Waasland', armed with just two tape-recorders and a microphone.

On 'Mouth and Marrow', Harĕhaas aims to invoke a sense of complacent solitude, burrowed down for the winter to come. Every single album is a hand-made artefact; hand-cut, hand-printed, hand-glued. Therefore every single album is unique in its inconsistencies. BOOKINGS



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