HAVAN /‘ˈheɪvʌn/ is the expression of multi-instrumentalist Hanne Vanhyfte-Dollery. Born in Ghent and now living in Brussels.

    • Soul
    • Pop
    • Alternative
    • Singer-songwriter
    • Pop - Singer Songwriter - Rock
    • Producer
    • Solo
    • Band
  • Brussel-Stad


HAVAN /‘ˈheɪvʌn/

Intends to use the connections she has with various cultures and places to collaborate with people from all walks of life. After having lived abroad for +/- 4 years, she studied Music Production at the Conservatory in Ghent. In recent months, HAVAN has played as a duo with Ruben Van Hijfte during the Open Mic in Het Depot, The Rua Room and numerous living room concerts. Since 2022, 3 singles have been released as a foretaste of the bigger sound that HAVAN introduced with her very own debut album 'Words for Who' that was released in September this year. With her full band she managed to steal the hearts of Maanrock's Jury and won this year's live competition and will be playing at the festival this summer.

"Hanne has an incredible voice where we hear traces of Alanis Morisette and Joni Mitchel." Bart Verlent, Luminous Dash.

"HAVAN showed incredible skill both instrumentally as vocally. The songs were both playful as enchanting resulting in a unique sound." MAANROCK Jury




  • Hanne Dollery

    • 29
    • Brussel, België

    Percussie - Stem - Toetsen - Gitaar - Loop station

  • Simon de Rover

    • 25
    • Antwerpen, België

    Drum - Drum

  • Willem Theerens

    • 25
    • Antwerpen, België

    Elektronica - Toetsen - Ableton

  • Matthieu Jannsens

    • 25
    • Antwerpen, België

    Bas - Bas


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