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Grand Blue Heron are from Kortrijk, Belgium. Some members played in Hitch and A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen, others played in Moonlake. Now, you will find them doing shows all dressed in black overalls. The pink overalls were out of stock. Which they thought was a shame. But black is cool too. The band take their influences from all eras of energetic guitar music and aim it back at you with energy well over the edge of frenzy. They also think biographies are a pain to read and a pain to write. They suggest you listen to the music instead.

Grand Blue Heron opened up for these remarked bands in the past: Black Mountain, The Posies, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Bo Ningen, White Denim, The Cult of Dom Keller ...

Grand Blue Heron played alongside these fine Belgian bands in the past: Adolina, The Glücks, Onmens, Teen Creeps, Crowd of Chairs, Embers, Elefant, Alkerdeel, Gura, ...

Reviews on their first two albums cited influences by following bands: The Jezus Lizard, Sonic Youth, Motörhead, Hitch, Motorpsycho, Wipers, G.B.H, Nirvana, Earth, Velvet Underground, Gang of Four ...

Grand Blue Heron are the guitar equivalent to a Thai dish marked with 3 peppers on your musical menu card. Do not consume without asbestos underpants.


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