Gloria Boateng

Gloria Boateng

Afrobeat, Electro, Rap, Soul

    • Hiphop
    • Traditioneel
    • soul
    • Producer
    • Solo


Impetuously she penned down her first lyrics at the age of thirteen. Inspired by rapping in general and Eminem in particular, the Belgian (Ghent) artist, with her Ghanaian roots made her first steps into the world of music. It all started with a toy piano, that was soon replaced by a microphone, which led her to discover the world of hip-hop.

As a female rapper she provided the support acts for Kid Noize, Nneka, Macy Grey, Selah Sue, The Roots, The Opposites, and many more. Besides this, she opened the famous Couleur Café festival with BRZZVLL, she made it to Humo's Rock Rally finale, she also won Studio Brussel's On Air competition and earned herself a place at Sziget Festival and at Les Ardentes.

The energetic, catchy beats leave no one unmoved when Gloria hits the stage. But even off stage she's hard to contain: "Making music is a way for me to communicate, to show others how I feel and what I stand for." To Gloria, making music is a passion, sharing it with the world is her ambition. The last few years it became obvious that it's impossible to fit her in a single box/genre. She's best described as a singer-songwriter, influenced by Soul music as well as rap and electro.

As an autodidact she succeeds in producing her own beats and emerges as a singer-songwriter.




  • Gloria Boateng (Solo)

    • 35
    • Ghent (BE)




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