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Get Off My Shoes is an indie-quintet with influences of pop and electronica. Founded in 2009, they’ve played countless club shows all over Belgium and the Netherlands, including support slots for The Subways and The Get Up Kids.

Although influenced by bands such as Bloc Party and Foals, Get Off My Shoes have a distinctive sound. They released their first EP Let’s Not Rush Out And Tell The World in 2011, which gathered enough attention to spark intrest from Evil Penguin Records and Universal Music Belgium. As a result of this new collaboration, GOMS’ debut album Off With Our Heads was released in November 2014, preceded by the single Like Fragments From A Comic.

Shortly after the release of Off With Our Heads, one of the band’s songs was featured in a national television- and radio campaign for a major restaurant chain, earning the band a fair share of new fans and furthering their way into the mainstream.

Get Off My Shoes combines the best of the current international indiepop-scene with the individuality and level-headedness that is so typical for Belgian rock bands. Perfect to listen to when it’s cold and dark outside, but just as well when enjoying a nice summer breeze.


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