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George Dylan is a Belgian singer-songwriter, born in Bruges. Intrigued by the music that was always playing at home, he started writing songs at the age of 16 and began performing two years later. In his first years he played several big National festivals and venues. After 2 years Dylan surrounded him with a band and the sound of his music started to change. Influenced by artists as Jeff Buckley, Ben Howard, The Smiths, Dermot Kennedy the genre shifted from Folk/Indie pop to more Alternative/Indie melancholic rock with a dynamic twist. He also played support acts of several well known artists such as Tom Walker, Didirri, Portland, Sioen and Milo Meskens. In 2019 George Dylan released his first official singles “Passing Through” and “Inside Your Head”. Both singles gave the singer recognition in the Belgian Music Scene. Many describe him as an artist you will hear from in the future.


  • Support Tom Walker (UK) - De Effenaar (NL)
  • Support Milo Meskens - ‘t Nieuwhuys
  • Support Sioen - Camp Solar
  • Support Portland - Cactus Club
  • Leffingeleuren 2017
  • Dranouter 2018
  • Festival Aan Zee 2018
  • Support Didirri (AUS) - Café Café

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