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April 2017, 2 couples decided to start a band, with a fascination for garage style music. Inspired by the wide range of garage music available, they take the most interest in 60's beat garage and 80's trash garage.

After 1 year their upright bassplayer left Europe to go back to Brazil, she was replaced by Anna (The Retarded Rats). Anna remains in the band for long distance shows and touring. For regular shows and songwriting they rely on Jens De Waele (Fifty Foot Combo)

Releases: Ep 'You Stink' (2018), 7" 'Live, Smelly & Drunk' (2019) / both recorded or mixed at the Yellow Tape Studio in Ghent, the 7" is recorded at the 2nd Belgian Punk Contest where they finished in 2nd place.

They've supported bands; Los Explosivos, Rev. Beat-man, Demented are go, Klingonz, GBH, Fifty Foot Combo, just to name a few.

inspiration comes mostly from; The Monsters, The Cramps, The Vibes, The Milkshakes, Gun Club, The Bugs, Sting-Rays, and everything in between.


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