Gamma Rave

Gamma Rave

Live DnB/dub/punk from Ghent, Belgium.

    • Punk
    • Drum & Bass
    • Dub
    • Band
  • Gent


Live electronica is Gamma Rave’s basic mission statement, the latest project from Will Harwood (Gadje Scum), Sanne Werkers (Brazzmatazz, Kinky Star), Jonas Nyaarr (Idealus Maximus, GoToEleven) and Geert de Waegeneer (Thou, BOMA Studio).

The group aims to bring dance-floor-filling electronic dance music to the live circuit, taking a fresh approach to the genre by combining the synthetic tones of electronica with the more raw style of punk.

If anything, the band is as much “live” as they are “electronic”, with a dynamic sound that is constantly shifting in style and mood. Songs often fade in on a sinister trip-hop groove, before flowing into a hip-hop flavoured build, and then finally breaking out into a screaming Drum & Bass climax. A healthy dose of dub, dubstep, rock, and techno, also helps to keep the songs fresh and surprising.

Having shared stages with the likes of Asian Dub Foundation and Dub Pistols, as well as having played a closing set at the Gentse Feesten and performing at the prestigious Boomtown Fair in the UK, Gamma Rave has all the makings of a dance-floor shaking spectacle.




  • Sanne Werkers

    • 35
    • Gent (BE)


  • Geert De Waegeneer

    • 56
    • Gent (BE)


  • Will Harwood

    • 37
    • Gent (BE)

    Andere - EWI

  • Jonas Nyaarr

    • 35
    • Gent (BE)



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