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Since a young age, Gabristo loved to sing and dance. When he was 6 years old he wrote his first rap songs.

Throughout his career, Gabristo became imbued with various musical styles and adopted sounds that corresponded to him and mixed them to make his own cocktail. Through each of his compositions, he wants us to experiment different sensations.

By bringing sounds from here and there to the European continent, Gabristo reinvented the music of the World. We call his style the New World.

Gabristo can play on is own but likes also to share the stage with his musicians for a trio or quatuor version of his songs and his own arrangements.

Do not hesitate to visit the following different links:

http://www.gabristo.be https://facebook.com/gabristo https://soundcloud.com/gabristo https:youtube.be/gabristorockstar/gabristo


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