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Actor and musician Fred Lebeer started big pop band FLC (Fred Lebeer Collective) to melt pop-music with dance and jazz. Fred Lebeer’s vision is to bring back the dance-aspect into singer-songwriting, as well as allowing virtuoso solo’s in a pop context. FLC plays Fred Lebeer’s compositions and some fresh and danceable arrangements of well-known tunes of the singer songwriting genre, such as Amsterdam by Jacques Brel. The band exists of some of Belgian finest pop- and jazz-musician but is anything but predictable: FLC is more than pop, it’s more than jazz, it’ more than dance music. FLC is a party band that wants to bring back to popmusic the culture of acoustic live bands making danceable music of the highest standards, a tradition which unfortunately is a bit lost here.

The lyrics, written in many different languages from Western-Europe, treat daily subjects lived in that area. FLC doesn’t want to address only to a local community. The subjects we live are very similar in Europe, and by extension probably for all humans. So there’s no reason to stick to 1 local language. The lyrics talk about love, inequality, refugees, innovation, humor etc. As a principal difference from the classic singer-songwriting, Fred Lebeer writes lyrics on a musical basis with a strong southern influence, coming in the first place from Africa and Latin-America to which continents Fred Lebeer has travelled extensively.

All the musicians from FLC are strong improvisers on their own and bring along their own different cultural heritage. Therefore the band is considered a collective of strong equals.

Much like functioning as Habana de Primera, Snarky Puppy, Duke Ellington- and Count Basie- orchestra, Fela Kuti’s bands, The Jazz Crusaders etc. FLC wants to bring music that makes people feel happy but think; music that makes people protest but dance.


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