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stands for “femme” ("woman" in French) and forms a significant aspect in most of the songs FÄM has written.

FÄM also stands for "family." It is a place/environment where everyone can be themselves and share the same feelings.

FÄM is a self-confident, independent, and strong woman. FÄM is an alter ego behind which an actually very self-conscious and modest woman is hiding. FÄM finds her confidence through music. Through female-engaged lyrics acquired from her own experiences, FÄM wants to criticise society while encouraging all women. That is her goal. To provide a safe space for every kind of woman who has ever felt unsafe.

Despite her sometimes dark, personal experiences, FÄM has once again found the light and wants to bring other topics to the surface. The road to happiness and self-love is also addressed. FÄM slightly feels some type of anger towards our world. Despite this anger, she wants to help change the world for the better, transforming her deepest feelings into enchanting lyrics and atmospheric music with a somewhat darker undertone. FÄM's mission is not to display the darkness of our world, but to see the good in the bad after all. In conclusion, FÄM's music can be described as "accessible music with a second layer that doesn't shy away from the critical note."


FÄM is Marie. She is a 21-year-old singer/artist from Antwerp, Belgium, who enjoys playing with "Logic Pro" and loves improvising with her voice and piano. Music has always been present in her life, but especially in the last couple of years, she has been writing more regularly. In the meantime, Marie is pretty confident that she has "found her sound."

Through music, Marie wants to share her "life story" along with all the experiences and feelings that she went through. Most of all, she wants to create a safe space for those who can relate to her words. She hopes to touch a lot of people with her music and show them that they're not alone.

Besides Marie, FÄM is also Jannick. From the first time, the two of them met each other, it just clicked. Both personally and musically. This makes it fun to make music together and share the same passion. Jannick is 32 years old and a kind of father figure to the group. Besides that, you can find him behind his piano and computer creating cool and funky beats. In short, FÄM is a group full of energy and ambition wanting to share their perspectives and views of the world while also enjoying the music they play.

(Currently looking for a third member, bass player)




  • Marie Cassiers

    • 21
    • Antwerp (BE)


  • Jannick Colenbunders

    • 32
    • Mechelen, België




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