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Jack of all trades, Wakas aka FLASHBLASTER is a singer-songwriter-musician-producer-dj-comedian involved in various projects.

He's been lulled by the sound of black American music (jazz, blues, soul, funk,...) and British pop.

FLASHBLASTER synthesizes his influences with original compositions full of punch.

His band offers sophisticated electro pop by merging electro sounds with pop melodies and catchy singing to create a sophisticated kind of funk .

On the menu: a relentless rhythm section, metronomic guitar and keyboards, a soft voice, high-pitched or automated with the use of a talk box.

On some occasions, he performs solo or duo and offers new arrangements of his songs (with the use of loops, machine drums, laptop or guitar).

In his spare time, you'll maybe find him behind turntables spinning some vinyls of his collection.

Recent music released:

- 2021/ EP "Reset" ( 8 tracks)

- 2022/ EP "III" ( 5 tracks)




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