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We’re Filthy Vince, a rock trio rising from the undergrounds of Antwerp.

Inspired by bands like Queens Of The Stone Age, Idles, Blur, Stoned Jesus and Daft Punk, we’ll play you some ridiculous loud rock music.

Here’s our best shot to describe it: alternative gar(b)age synthstonerrock!

We’ll serve you some f*cking crazy cranked up energetic music that will leave you with a sweaty T-shirt and an urge to live your life like a rabbit (explanation below).

How do we do this?

These are the three secret ingredients:

  • A wild bison on booze playing the drums.
  • A crazy bass player who has an OD on energy.
  • A weird front man who knows his guitar better than he knows himself.
  • Let this boil up for a while and you’ll get ‘the rabbit style’.

    It’s a way of life that is suitable to our music:

    rough, filthy, garbage, energetic, beautiful and unforgettable.




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