Fernant Zeste

Fernant Zeste

Fernant Zeste is a bluesy singer songwriter, guitar player who has been touring Europe for 13 years. Listen to some songs here:

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Fernant Zeste is a bluesy singer songwriter who has been in search of the blues since the day he was born. For the last 13 years, he has been playing on stages across the European continent sharing what he found. Lately he's been walking the line between songs and instrumental experiment.

Fernant Zeste grew up in a tiny Flemish village called Welle before moving to the creative nexus of Gent, Belgium in order to start a theater company. Fernant led the troupe for 10 years before the urge to live his musical dreams became too strong to resist.

His music has been especially inspired by The Black Keys, R. L. Burnside, Jon Spencer, PJ Harvey & Dan Auerbach.

Discography : Live at de Loge, Polaroids, DRAMA, LOST, Haunt, Rostock, Monograph

Digital releases : The DJ, Get Jesus on the Phone





  • Fernant Zeste

    • 47
    • Ghent (BE)

    Gitaar - Stem

  • various guest musicians

    • 37
    • Ghent (BE)



  • café Trefpunt : Fernant Zeste does Christmas

    Gent, België

  • chez Susanne : Fernant Zeste does Christmas - Wüsting, Duitsland

  • Club 68 : Fernant Zeste does Christmas

    Kiel, Duitsland

  • Standkabarett Silbermöwe - Süssau, Duitsland

  • Hollywood Cocktailbar : Fernant Zeste does Christmas

    Gent, België

  • Art Studio Brikat

    8840 Staden, België

  • chez Karen, with Petra Bärenwald - Denderbelle, België

  • ENTR, with Geert Vanderbeken (20u)

    Gent, België

  • café De Loge : The Wolf (try-out)

    Gent, België


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