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First of all, let us introduce ourselves. We are Fred Gata and Mustapha and together we form the Mighty FaBRECOLLECTIV..

We are a completely self made, two headed hip hop collective residing in and representing the city of Leuven. Why self made you might ask?

Well, when it comes down to our music we take care of the whole shabang, from producing our beats, to writing the lyrics, to recording tracks in our home studio. To be even more precise, we are both self taught musicians. Fred taught himself how the sing after his dad told him to stop beatboxing, and along the way Mustapha picked up a whole bunch of instruments, such as the drums, guitar, bass, etc. We had both been making music with others and on our own, before the right mix of random chance and our shared commitment to and love for music brought us together.

What do we have in store for you? That is a very easy answer. We make that "popsoulfunkyhiphop".

Long story short, music is our religion, and our collective goal is to spread good energy, vibes, and music.

Nice to meet you, now let us start our journey together...


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