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Experienced?!?, or “The bad boys from Belgium” as the band’s reputation precedes it, is perhaps our best hope for the return of some danger in contemporary rock ‘n roll. Combining their modern take on old-school, down ‘n dirty hard rock, with their insane high energy live-shows, the band is able to win the heart of all fans that are into rock, metal and all in between.

At the very start of their career they conquered Europe touring Hungaria and Romania where they played live for MTV in the official Hard Rock café in Bucharest. After that adventure was over, they traveled more than 8077 miles to play the Global Battle of the Band World Finals in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Finally they made a controversial appearance on Belgium got Talent and against all odds surprised both audience and judges with their daring show!

Since then the band has released an EP and a full album which have caught the attention of the famous Belgian promoter Chris Prouvé, management and various booking agencies in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Because of all this and the great reviews in magazines like “Aardschok” and “Rock Tribune” as wel as in webzines like “Ashladan”, there are high expectations for the future of the band. The full album “Got Something to Say?!?” is available in all shops across the Benelux and both the album as well as the EP are available worldwide online! A follow-up album is already scheduled for release in september 2016! “The Devil in Me” promises to be the bands best album yet!


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