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There is an organic feeling to Evelyn Cools’ music -- it’s dreamy, infused with her lilting vocals and illustrations of her surroundings. Accompanied by a Laurel Canyon-inspired sound, her songs pull listeners into a vivid world of color and imagination.

Coming from a multi-cultural background, Evelyn is originally from Belgium but has spent her whole life moving between different corners of the world including Hong Kong, Budapest, London and now, the US. This sense of wandering is a driving force behind her songs, as well as the connectivity between people and the natural world. Inspired by songwriters such as Stevie Nicks, Simon & Garfunkel, Lana Del Rey, and Angus & Julia Stone, Cools is recognized for her powerful lyrics and her storytelling abilities through music.

Though she began studying music as a child (piano, flute, choir, musical theater), it wasn’t until college that she first picked up the guitar and began dabbling in songwriting. While attending a university in London, the vibrancy of the local music scene combined with a musical group of friends laid the groundwork for her to find her own voice and focus on creating original music.

In 2018, she moved to Los Angeles to delve deeper into her music and challenge herself both personally and creatively. During her time on the West Coast, she found inspiration in California nature, crossed paths with incredibly talented people who eventually became her creative team, and experienced love like she never had before. The product of this transformative time is Misfit Paradise: a captivating collection of songs inspired by times of restlessness, elation, heartbreak, and wonder. “Rife with exposed vulnerability” (EARMILK), “monumentally catchy [melodies]” (The All Scene Eye), and “powerful vocals” (Audiofemme), it is clear that Misfit Paradise was just the beginning.

Currently splitting her time between Belgium and NYC, Evelyn has delved into a new era of songwriting -- one that focuses on introspection, spirituality and healing. Starting with her new single “Sterrenhemel”, she returns to her roots and sings in Flemish, her native language, for the first time. Tackling themes of loss and grief in a breathtaking ballad, “Sterrenhemel” sets the scene for the magnificent musical journey that lies ahead.

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