Esther & Fatou

Esther & Fatou

Pop/folk duo

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    • Traditioneel
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Esther & Fatou are a folky dreampop duo hailing from Leuven, Belgium. Both vocalists, they take you on a melodic journey with their enchanting voices guiding you along the way. Their songs, while sounding charming and lighthearted at first, have an intriguing dark edge. You might think it’s Alice in Wonderland, but without knowing they take you right down the rabbit hole. // “If you think debut singles are bound to be timid, think again. With ‘At Night,’ Belgian duo Esther & Fatou, have provided a forceful statement/question that stands to make them stand out. The soothing vocals might lull you into a sense of security, but this is by no means a day at the spa or even an afternoon” - THEFOUROHFIVE.COM

“Splendid. That is the easiest way to describe the debut single from Belgian indie dream-folk duo Esther & Fatou. Their gorgeous voices dance around a bonfire of tribal, rhythmic percussion and rich melodies on “At Night” while simultaneously taking your breath away.” - THEREVUE.CA

"At Night feels absolutely polished and superbly beautiful, so if you dig stuff like First Aid Kit, Fleet Foxes you will feel in heaven.” - STEREOFOX.COM




  • Esther Artois

    • 30
    • Leuven (BE)

    Gitaar, Stem, Percussie

  • Fatou Jans

    • 31
    • Leuven (BE)

    Gitaar, Stem, Loopstation

  • Robby Govaerts

    Elektrische gitaar

  • Christophe Vandewoude


  • Moreno Claes


  • Dirk Naessens




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