Empty Apartments

Empty Apartments

Empty Apartments

    • Ambient
    • Experimental
    • Lo-fi
    • Electronic
    • Solo
  • Gent


Empty Apartments is the solo project of guitarist/producer Jolan Decaestecker (Ão).

In an attempt to free ambient from its narrow definition of being background music, the project investigates time and space traveling through soundscaping.

Which, in the best case, give the listener a choice to experience the music in the foreground or background.

The building blocks for these atypical ambient compositions consist of iPhone videos from friends and family, Google Translate Choirs, worn out tapeloops and sloppy beats.

Given the visual nature of the music, collaborations with visual artists and performers are evident and integral to the project.

Jolan has collaborated with Benjamin Verdonck, Femke Van Der Steen, and other exceptional musicians such as Hendrik Lasure and Rudy Trouvé.

Last year, the project was selected to perform at 'Theater Aan Zee'.




  • Jolan Decaestecker

    • 27
    • Gent (BE)

    Elektronica - Gitaar



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