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Born in Santiago del Estero, Argentina, June 24th 1992.

Started with drums at the age of 9 and later on, in his teens, Eliseo taught himself how to sing, play guitar, play piano and write songs.

At the age of 17, he took composition lessons for the first time. Months after that, he decided to spread his wings and live for one year in Belgium as an exchange student, to study piano and songwriting.

This opened his mind and made him grow as a person, becoming a world citizen and reinforcing his decision of doing music for a living.

After returning back to Argentina, Eliseo studied Composition at the Conservatory of Córdoba. While studying, he experimented with online plataforms and the possibility of sharing music with a digital community. Surprisingly, after uploading his first music video to Youtube, he was offered a role as an actor in “Aliados”, a big TV series that ran in 18 countries in Latin America, and also in Portugal and Italy.

While working as an actor (2013-14), he had the opportunity to dive into a network of successful musicians, producers, and artists. This encounters inspired him to dive into music production, take singing lessons to improve his technique and keep exploring his own sound while recording some singles and playing more and more gigs on both small and big stages (Teátro Gran Rex, Teátro El Cubo, and Tecnópolis, in Buenos Aires, San Luís Digital Festival).

Once the tv-series finished in 2015, and after an identity crisis, Eliseo decided to let it all go and returned once more to Belgium to continue his music studies at the Conservatory of Antwerp where he was mentored by his teachers, Wim Henderickx and Bram van Camp, to refine and expand his musical world.

He wrote, arranged and co-produced his first EP in March of 2019 at Studio La Patrie, together with Koen Gisen (Bony King of Nowhere, An Pierle), who also worked as a recording and mixing engineer. Also, Jef Neve recorded pianos and keys as a special guest.

Currently working with a clearer perspective in his first studio album, it’s time for Eliseo to leave the comfort of the studio and together with Willem-Alexander Langlet (Drums) and Ralph Hermans (Bass), explore the Belgian music scene.


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