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Eleven-o-Seven, a rockband formed in 2007 in the region around Aalst was raised from the ashes of bands called Waxflower,Fezz, Gilbert,Unreal and 7Sinz. The band includes Joris "Jos" De Smet (drums), Jeroen "Jerre" De Smet (vocals), Wouter "Walter" De Smet (guitar & vocals), Pieter "Pierre" (bass & vocals) and Stijn "Sylvester" De Groeve (guitar). Eleven-o-Seven presents a blend of tight rockmusic, metal, pop and punkrock.

In March 2009, Eleven-o-Seven released their debut album Cold Streets Will Fade Away The band won a few music contests and got noticed by several local clubs and festivals. In May 2015 it's time for part two: Destroy To Rebuild.

With their catchy melodies, pumping drums, screaming guitars and melodic vocals, these five youngsters present a live performance that makes you scream for more! Nothing more, nothing less, in your face!

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