Down the Lees

Down the Lees

Slowcore, shoegaze, post-rock, no-wave.

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“Stil worden bij het horen van muziek, het is een gelukzalig gevoel. Het overkwam ons bij het horen van Bury The Sun, de nieuwe plaat van Down The Lees. Als je nog niet van hen hoorde dan gaat daar zeker verandering in komen met dit meesterwerk. Gents, want de groepsleden Laura Lee (zangeres) , Kwinten Gluehorse en Jonathan Frederix (ook gekend van HEISA) wonen in de regio met postcode 9000.”

- Luminous Dash

"I would love to see this act on stage sometime in the near future, because if even a tenth of the energy that they bring with them to the studio here were to carry over to a crowded concert hall, their show would be one that no rocker would want to miss out on."

- IndiePulse Music

"...a group with a sharp sound and a clear artistic vision, the result comes in the form of an excellent full length which doesn't lack much compared to the slowcore classics of the past. Down The Lees' newly released, Bury The Sun, is the kind of an engrossing record which can both arrest a first time listener, and grow with time."

- Destroy//Exist

"Geen gemakkelijke klus, want het vergt de spreekwoordelijke bloed, zweet en tranen om een publiek vroeger naar de zaal te lokken om een support act te zien. Zij die er wel waren stonden verbijsterend te gapen naar wat deze vrouw kan."

- Live Review @ AB Club with Reena Riot Luminous Dash


Live shows range from intense full band sets to intimate solo performances.

Caustic and raw, Down the Lees’ dynamic vocals and guitar draw you in, only to strike a blow from the heavy rhythm section. Based in Ghent, Belgium, Down the Lees is Canadian Laura Lee Schultz and Belgians Jonathan Frederix (HEISA) on drums and Kwinten Gluehorse (OLAF) on bass.

The project has followed an eclectic musical path with engaging and dynamic soundscapes inspired by genres such as post-rock, shoegaze, hardcore, slowcore, and no-wave - often echoing the work of artists such as Slint, PJ Harvey, Sonic Youth, Cloud Nothings and Low.

Growing up in the 90s Vancouver live scene, Laura Lee toured with her previous projects (Queazy, New Years Resolution, Skinjobs) extensively in the USA and Canada, before releasing two full length albums and an EP as Down the Lees. Started as a solo act back in 2005, Laura Lee performed all the instruments and wrote all of the material on her debut album, 360 DEGREES. Her sophomore album, THE GUEST ROOM (2008), featured guest musicians and was recorded at the infamous Mushroom Studios in Vancouver. The WEAR ME OUT Ep (2012) was recorded by Laura Lee in her home studio with special guests musicians.

2019 sees the release of a new studio album, recorded and mixed in one cold January week by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago. This is a raw album, stripped down to showcase the live, emotional vibe of the power trio. The warm analog production lets the compositions and dynamics take the forefront. Guitarist/vocalist Laura Lee makes her guitar sing soft melodies with harsh contrasts while belting out the most impassioned vocals. Drummer Jonathan mixes math-rock and prog-rock beats with speed, energy and emotion, alongside Kwinten’s powerful and guttural bass riffs inspired by his hardcore roots.




  • Laura Lee Schultz

    • 49
    • Ghent (BE)

    Gitaar - Stem

  • Kwinten

    • 39
    • Ghent (BE)


  • Jonathan

    • 30
    • Ghent (BE)




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