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Started in 2015, trying to make energetic/spastic music, we wanted to have an outlet in case we would get mad from life.

Brewing our favourite music and anger together, Diss Guy's first rehearsals came to life pretty fast. Having our first shows in 2016, we decided to record our first EP in september that year and released it in februari 2017. While getting ourselves beaten up by unleashing our inner anger and hate at shows throughout 2018, we recorded our first album titled "Self". This album will be available and released the 10the of november 2018.

As every band has their influences, ours are bands like Bad Brains, Black Flag, Ceremony, Minor Threat , Gallows, Turnstile, Trash Talk, and every other band that gets our blood pumping. Angry people in the band: Tim Nonneman (Vocals), Gwen Van Sande (Drums), Bram Vaes (Bass) and Jonas Van De Sande (Guitar). -Diss Guy


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