An admiration between jazz, improvisation and computer produced music.

    • Dance
    • Jazz
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  • Gent


​​Feel free to consider Dishwasher_ as the trailblazers of yet another new wave within the ever-enriched Belgian Jazz, but don't limit them to the constraints of any given musical style. Ever since their formation in 2019, this Ghent based trio has been scrubbing all possible walls between genres to create a freshly smelling sound. With their self-titled debut album, to be released in April 2023 via Sdban Ultra, the band is putting the crown on an impressive first chapter, delivering a unique and diverse yet coherent collection of groove driven compositions.

While labeling Diswasher_ as a jazz band would sell them short, it is a fact that improvisation and a certain free approach did turn out to be key in the creation and performance process of their songs. Werend, Louise and Arno specifically aimed to capture their live energy and synergy on the album by experimenting with structures and textures, playing with song lengths and implementing influences from various other styles — electronic music in the first place, but as well traces from (Middle-)Eastern and Balkan, dance, hip-hop and even metal music.




  • Werend Van Den Bossche

    • 29
    • Gent (BE)

    Blazer - Toetsen - Andere - saxophone + FX

  • Arno Grootaers

    • 29
    • Gent (BE)

    Drum - Samples

  • Louise Van Den Heuvel

    • 27
    • Maastricht (NL)

    Bas - + FX



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