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Dirty Toy Company


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Emerging from the rainy roadsides of Belgium, Dirty Toy Company brings a dangerous but delicious cocktail of sex, booze, anger and melancholy.

Originally formed in 2011, Dirty Toy Company walks the fine line between classic hard rock and fresh, contemporary sounds. Brought to you with a sleazy punk attitude.

Also known as “Belgium’s Wildest Rock Band”. A title they’ve worked hard for and stay true to. Proving just how extremely rowdy they are, every time they hit the stage.

In-your-face riffs, blistering solos, big choruses, catchy melodies and a whole lotta guts: they got it all. Get your daily dose of pure fucking adrenaline and give ‘em a spin!

Reviews on our EP:

Rock Tribune (edition 01/2019) : rating 7,5/10

"Friends of this fine magazine, the world hasn't ended yet. The young guys from Dirty Toy Company prove it. These guys have rock music running through their veins. They made, supported by the obvious good taste of one or more of their parents, a very fine rock record. A bit of dirty rock 'n roll, a bit of glam and lots of solos, nice songs and more "sleaze" than is good for them. They obviously booked a one-way-ticket to nowhere, but are having a great time during the ride. Keep us posted, guys from Tienen!" 09/01/2019: rating 7/10

"Dirty Toy Company hales from "Vlaams Brabant" and brings us old-school hard rock. Think of Guns 'n Roses, Mötley Crüe and Bon Jovi. The band, which only recently added a fifth band member to the bill, has just released an EP with Cyran Records."


"Hardrock is working on a worldwide revival and this is also the case in Flanders. Dirty Toy Company is one of our trump cards for the future. If they take their time to record their first full length album, it will surely be a big hit."




  • Jonas De Graef

    • 27
    • Glabbeek (BE)


  • Wouter Vandommele

    • 26
    • Glabbeek (BE)


  • Remco Geerens

    • 27
    • Leuven (BE)


  • Tim De Houwer

    • 30
    • Beringen (BE)




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