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"Melancholic ambient self-possession rejects the influence of luxury leather goods. Let it take a grip!" - graham lewis (WIRE)

Grown from a collaboration between brothers, delvaux. now continues in relative solitude after one of the brothers left the band. Yet backed up by like-minded musicians as klaas tomme (synths - ides moon - st. grandson), nele de gussem (synths - uma chine - future old people are wizards), gert malfliet (drums - vrwrk - tsarb) and wouter beeckmans (guitars), bram delvaux continues to write dark and eerie soundtracks to our modern day life.

In 2017, delvaux. returns with their new ep //. an intriguing mixture of the ignorance of the 60ies, the experiment of the 70ies and 80ies kitsch. – for this album i was really inspired by the soundtrack to ‘le corps de mon ennemie’, written by francis laï, where he combines big band with cheesy synths to create some sort of bizarre lift music, a sound that’s both warm and uncanny –

Recorded at their home studio, '//' leaves room for the beauty of mistakes, the imperfect perfection. – sure, you can cut any accidental noises from the track, that’s easy, but i prefer to use those noises and cracks to create the song’s atmosphere –

Music inspired by words, lyrics inspired by sounds, songs inspired by the randomness of life.


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