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Dear Hearts started out in 2009. First EP 'Tail lights & bygones' got the band rave reviews and the boys got to share stages with bands like TSOL, Youth Brigade, Dead to me, Nothington, Reno Divorce, Dear Landlord etc... 2011 saw the release of 'grab my hand', their first full-length and final effort in the original line-up. After that the band switched lead guitarists and a split 7inch with French punkrockers 'Over the stars' as well as a follow-up EP 'Idle' were released before throwing in the towel. in 2019 the band got back in their original line-up.

2020 will see Dear Hearts coming up strong with their newest baby 'Old Shirts'. a 4 track EP. Highly recommended for fans of Social Distortion, Bad Religion, The Generators, The Bouncing Souls and Misfits!!!


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