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Deadalus is a band from Liège (Belgium) born from the fusion of NARTHEX (Trash/Death) and NONE (Death/Core), two bands evolving on Belgian stages during the early year 2000’s.

Deadalus was created in April 2010 by five musicians with the same will : shaking brains with their music.

December 2011, four tracks are finalised in studio. March 2011, the first EP comes out. The second EP “The Axis Of Entropy” is available since May 2012. 2013 is a year of concerts, a lot of gigs for the band while they started to work on their album. 2014, an amazing year for Deadalus, they've signed with the italian label Kreative Klan (www.kreativeklan.com), produced and released their first album "Remnant of Oblivion".

End of 2018 new release is coming soon..!!


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