David Jahmill

David Jahmill

Likes to bend the rules, all with a live band.

    • Hiphop
    • SoulTrap
    • Producer
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David Jahmill is a self-taught singer, rapper, writer and composer from Antwerp, Belgium with Hip Hop, R&B and Congolese rumba influences.

From the age of 6 he started playing instruments with the church band which developed his love for live instruments, percussion in particular. As a teenager David got in touch with French Hip-Hop through artists like Kery James and Sinik. David started writing his first French verses at the age of 14 with a bunch of friends but felt more comfortable in English due to growing up in several languages.Later he gathered some friends he used to play in church with to form a band named “MamaNaFanta”. In 2018 the group recorded his first EP “Murphy” and started performing at events such as Afroblood, Cirque@taque, Fête Musicale, etc. David even got noticed by “De Nieuwe Lichting van Studio Brussel” and “Humo’s Rock Rally”.In the same year, David opened his “Odd Current Studio’s” and thought himself to produce. Odd Current Studio’s was a place where he gathered with his band to rehearse, record and produce with fellow producer Clugger. David Jahmill also writes, produces, records and mixes for other artists like Miss Angel, Morane, Dima, ect.

Today, David Jahmill is presenting you his newest EP ATTRACTION released on the 19th of March 2021 along with a first visual ‘A Mile Away’. This EP is a rollercoaster of vibes, feelings languages and summarizes the craziest year in David’s Life, alias 2020. The project consists of 2 sides. Side A is more of a takeoff towards the essence of the EP. In other words; unique beats, catchy hooks and some love. While side B is the total opposite, an interlude full of quotable lines, wavey flows and to finish it off, a percussion heavy summer feel.

It’s a bumpy ride, buckle up and enjoy the ride. Welcome to ATTRACTION.




  • David Jahmill

    • 29
    • Antwerpen (BE)

    Elektronica - Gitaar - Stem

  • Andy Kisema

    • 29
    • Antwerpen (BE)

    Drum - Toetsen - Percussie

  • Jox

    • 32
    • Antwerp (BE)

    Bas - Gitaar

  • Isy

    • 30
    • Antwerpen (BE)


  • Kaya Bea

    • 30
    • Antwerp (BE)


  • Dj James

    • 27
    • Anvers (BE)




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