Dreamy alternative storytelling.

    • Indie Pop
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  • Ichtegem


Combining piano and electric guitar with sweet harmonies and roomy drums, Belgian band CYNN’ offer a stylish, soaring hybrid of alternative pop and ambient sounds.

Cynthia’s heartfelt angelic voice floats on top of a rumbling dynamic that’s moving forward without looking back.

They want to make the listeners dream away like they do. “While writing these songs we intend to take you on a journey through our deepest thoughts and feelings.”


As insecure Cynthia was a teenager showing her passion for music, she grew into a powerhouse with something to say. Her ideas about music have been molded by experiences in her life. She grew up near the sea in Ostend and she always had music on her mind. Her two grandfathers both played instruments, the trumpet and the guitar. Her great uncle was part of the legendary band in Ostend, The Silhouets, so she has musical blood running through her veins.

Jesse is a selfmade musician. He started out singing in band with friends at the age of 20. But soon he realised that he wanted to decide how songs were built, because he heard the notes inside his head, but couldn't translate it into music. So he started to learn piano and later on guitar, drums, bass guitar,... He had his own musical projects like Green Autumn, Jesse Ashfield, Lausanne and now Alps. and CYNN'.

Cynthia and Jesse got to know each other through a common manager and started to work together. They instantly started making songs and that's where the idea of CYNN' came to play.

Later on Bert joined the band. He had several projects like Dynamo Jos, Jean-Claude Van Weatherman and others before joining Jesse's band Alps. After this he joined the band CYNN', where he gave the songs a lift and power.

CYNN’s first three demos were recorded at the Pelican Street Studios and mixed at Stiff Studio (Bazart, Selah Sue, Hooverphonic, ...) in Antwerp.

Their music is inspired by lots of artists. But these are the main artists they focused on: Daughter, Intergalactic Lovers, Ry X, Hooverphonic, Bon Iver, Florence + The Machine, Freya Ridings, Ben Howard.




  • Cynthia Gabriels

    • 31
    • Ichtegem (BE)


  • Jesse De Belder

    • 39
    • 2590 Berlaar, België

    Bas - Stem - Toetsen - Gitaar

  • Bert De Pauw

    • 38
    • Puurs (BE)