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Crap Salad (aka Flor Wouters) is a one-man-band, originally from Belgium, but currently residing in Bali, Indonesia, who converts his emotions and everyday encounters into song, preferably with positive undertone.

As a big music fan, Flor listens & plays music in average 8 hours/day, holding a big space in his heart for Eels, Green Day, Muse, Air Traffic, Kaizers Orchestra, School is Cool, Rammstein, and many more. With this wide variety of influences, it's not easy to define Crap Salad's style. What comes easiest to mind is 'Indie Rock with a Folk Influence'.

Being a one-of-a-kind instrument, the banjo-mandolin is a big part of the unique sound Crap Salad has to offer. Passed down from his great-grandfather, Flor is actually the first one to play it.

A Belgian wave of music to go with the Flow!

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