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The 1980s were a very unique decade when we're talking about music. The synthesizer reached its adult years, and record producers started seeing it as a real instrument. Synthpop bands such as Depeche Mode, Eurythmics, The Pet Shop Boys, Duran Duran, etc. were very popular, using mainly synthesizers to create their music.

In that same decade the gaming industry reached its adult age as well. Music was a very important part of experiencing gameplay, and one home computer stood out because of its unique synthesizer chip: the Commodore 64. The use of the hardware SID chip resulted in sounds and music never heard before.

Hey... Why not combine both?


Philippe is the driving force behind the Bear Cave Studio and his band Northern Sadness. Fascinated by synthesizers and the sound of the 1980s, he will co-produce the album.

Koen has been fascinated by the Commodore 64 and its sounds for ages. He's written the Kickstarter book '8-BIT KIDS - Growing Up With The Commodore 64' and has been the vocalist in synth driven bands like Lost Elegy and Northern Sadness to name but a few.

Chesko is producer and singer of Der Klinke. He masters the C64 SID Chip from the inside out. Proud owner of a vintage 1980s synths collection, he knows how a synthpop record should sound!


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