Celestial Wolves

Celestial Wolves

| instrumental | melodic | dynamic | powerful |

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| instrumental | melodic | dynamic | powerful |


We are a rock band who fuse different musical backgrounds to mold instrumental juggernauts.


In a combination of progressive bass, melodic guitars and dynamic drums we create the soundtrack to your story.


Energetic live reputation!

"Kortom: dit zijn straffe muzikanten die zowel op vlak van techniek als inventiviteit blijven groeien." - Enola

"De band blaast de nummers staalhard het publiek in dat met open armen dit prachtige cadeau in ontvangst neemt." - Musiczine Lavenir

"Celestial Wolves blasted their strong, almost metal-like, post-rock through the speakers and convinced a large crowd of their abilities." - Merchants of Air


Wood For Wood (2013)

Debut album ‘Wood For Wood’ was released on dunk!records in March 2013 and received positive feedback.

"Een schitterende wisselwerking tussen atmosferische drukkracht en rustpunten die op tintelende en hoogstaande wijze weer opbouwen." - Zware Metalen

"Waarschuwing: ontploffingsgevaar" - Cutting Edge

"Wood For Wood is een stevige brok instrumentale muziek, best te beluisteren terwijl een hevige sneeuwstorm over het land trekt." - Enola

‹‹ Illusive Landscape Of Expression (2015)

In December 2015, we released our second studio ablum 'Illusive Landscape Of Expression' on CD/vinyl and it is widely well acclaimed.

"Wie er nog op zat te wachten: slecht nieuws hebben we dus niet." - Enola

"Strong and powerful melodies are what they focus on." - SWNK

"Nichtsdestotrotz erschaffen CELESTIAL WOLVES mit ihrem neuen Werk definitiv einen hörenswerten, wenn auch nicht immens originellen, Soundtrack für verregnete Nachmittage." -

"Re-entry is one of those tracks that transcend human interference and become something larger than just an assembly of sounds by some people in a rehearsal studio." - Merchants of Air

"Da un titolo come 'Illusive Landscape Of Expression' era lecito attendersi qualcosa di estremamente filosofico e oscuro. Se dal vivo sapranno ottenere lo stesso risultato allora i Celestial Wolves potrebbero guadagnare presto l'interesse di etichette importanti." - Suffissocore

‹‹ REPEAT (10"split EP w/ OMSQ) (2017)

REPEAT is a collaboration with Brussels based instrumental band OMSQ and the professional cooperation from Deaftone Studio and Karel De Backer Mastering.

"Het is bloedmooi, sfeervol en gelaagd. Wat ook opvalt, is het open en weids geluid ondanks de (bij momenten) heavy gitaren." - OORWORM

‹‹‹‹ Call Of The Void (2018)

"Call of the Void” is the insane desire of our unconscious to do what we shouldn't do: jumping off a ledge, driving into something or someone, killing someone, etc."

Poe called it 'Imp of the Perverse';Freud 'Death Drive'. Actually, it is a strange twist of our brain and if you come to think of it you can say that in a way this is a human anomaly; we were utterly intrigued by this and decided to work around the theme ‘anomalies in the world’, which we tried to define into music.

"De instrumentale uitvoering is eveneens complex en meevoerend, slepend en dan weer dynamisch, dissonant. Soms raak je hulpeloos verloren vervolgens neemt de band je weer mee op het juiste pad, als dat al bestaat. Vooral de ritmesectie valt me op, altijd sterk, altijd sturend, een duidelijke houvast, een hand om vast te houden tijdens de lange trip doorheen… ja doorheen… het alles of het niks, tja zeg het maar?" - Zware Metalen

"Grâce à ce fait, les musiciens parviennent à créer des compositions cohérentes, bien distinctes les unes des autres, mais intimement reliées par leur thématique. J’ai d’ailleurs un petit faible pour des titres comme « Bangui » et « -128.6°F » qui brillent par leur puissance et leur intensité, intensité qui doit sans doute être décuplée si le groupe joue ces morceaux en concert." - New Musical Horizons

"Call Of The Void contains six tracks. It begins with an epic piece, 'Bátur Hvarf', one of those post rock anthems that easily manage to win over the doubters. I could throw around with a bunch of names. Yes, the usual suspects appear: Explosions, GIAA, TWDY and a bunch of other names I don't want to type out fully. However, I think the best way to describe this is by mentioning the strong, mature and narrative sound of Celestial Wolves. No, it's nothing new or refreshing but it is close to perfect." - Merchants Of Air

"...each song is constructed so well, and played with passion... and the images each song conjures are dramatic, and sometimes calming. Music like this could easily be a soundtrack" - Metal Discovery




  • Joris De Bolle

    • 38
    • Erpe-Mere (BE)


  • Wouter De Bolle

    • 42
    • Herzele (BE)


  • Thierry De Zutter

    • 32
    • Gent (BE)


  • Dieter Verbeken

    • 42
    • Haaltert (BE)


  • Jelle Lefebvre

    • 29
    • Anzegem (BE)




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