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Carl Durant

Cinematic Pop-Rock made in Belgium with a soul found in San Diego. As heard on Radio 2 ...

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Recent updates:

- single "No Matter What" on Belgian Radio 2, Minerva, Benelux + international airplay (2016) - FM Goud (2019)

- opened for INe Tiolants' band, 700+ crowd in Panishof (2018)

- new single "Silhouettes" with Dunja (Mees), presented live at radio Minerva and radio Benelux + international airplay (2017)

"Carl Durant has always been one of my favorite all time Belgian singer/songwriters. ‘Silhouettes definitely captures his honesty and natural ability to craft great melodies in his writing."

-- Alan Sanderson, Grammy winning engineer/producer (Fleetwood Mac, Elton John,...)

- opened for Berry Quincy in sold-out Het Depot, Leuven (2015)

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Carl's musical adventure started 'for real' in 2009 when he performed his first full set of own writings in a local Portuguese restaurant on Newport Avenue in Ocean Beach (San Diego), California.

It wasn't until 2 years earlier that he got the guts to put down his name on the list of the legendary open mic at Hot Java Cafe in San Diego. There he met indie artist Brenda Xu and played bass for her at some 35 shows in SoCal, including the legendary Whisky a Go Go on Sunset Boulevard.

In 2010 his first single was aired numerous times on local radio stations in San Diego County, potentially reaching over 3 million people.

The EP-debut came in 2011 and was released for a full house at singer songwriter's favorite venue in San Diego Lestat's West (Mraz, Jewel, Fitzsimmons, Tyler Hilton, Ernie Halter) where also Belgian upcoming band Jacle Bow started its West Coast tour in '15. Probably the best sounding room in Southern California thanks to its sound wizard Louie Brazier.

About that EP, the San Diego Troubadour wrote “Durant is a solid songwriter, with a lot of potential” and "Carl Durant captures an elusive, original sound on Last Place that will have listeners asking for more."

Vocally reminiscent of The Decemberists, he then became a regular in the coffeehouse circuit playing solo gigs with his looping pedal and fingerpicked or strummed guitar. Solo or with his live band he gigged in venues as House of Blues, Hard Rock Cafe and on large crowd gatherings as the San Diego County fair, Orange County fair and Adams Avenue Street fair, the largest of its kind in Southern California.

In 2012 he played at a fundraiser for VH1 Save The Music Foundation in LA where also Milow and multi-grammy winner Daniel Ho performed. Since the end of 2013 he moved to Bierbeek near Leuven, leaving behind his musical home of San Diego where he lived for 11 years.

Having developed a European sound (think Ed Sheeran) infused with the west coast songwriter influence of Jason Mraz, Tom Waits and the likes, Carl put together a live band in Belgium and played larger gigs as in Het Depot, Crisisfestival and Abdijfeesten in Vlierbeek. Currently he's focused on playing solo in intimate venues, living rooms and also festival stages targeted at a more acoustic-loving audience.

In 2018 he opened solo for the band debut of INe Tiolants, in front of a 700+ sized crowd in Panishof. This wasn't the first time playing for a larger audience, since he opened with an acoustic trio for Berry Quincy in a sold-out Depot in Leuven in 2015.

Singles "Fires&Earthquakes" and "No Matter What" were recorded with Grammy-winning Alan Sanderson in San Diego, and his EP “Last Place” is available for streaming or free download:

The beautiful video for "No Matter What" was directed by Frank Telli and showcases a choreography made by Aike Raes: So far it has gathered over 15k views.

This new single received its world debut on Belgian's largest national broadcast radio station Radio 2 and was on their play list for several weeks. Like the previous single, it was also played internationally on broadcast and online radio stations around the world.

The latest single "Silhouettes" was recorded in Belgium (SputnikStudio) with backing vocals of Dunja (Mees) and finished again by Alan Sanderson in San Diego.

Video was produced by Ruben Goffin who did most of the videos for Jonas Winterland.

More music:

Since his return in Belgium, Carl played over 120 shows and show cases at Crisisfestival, Het Depot, Panishof, At the Bebop, De Blauwe Kater, Den Deugniet, 't Archief, Egenhoven Feest, Club 9, Borrestaminee (cc De Borre), De Monk, etc as well performed in California, Scotland and Paris.

New recordings are in progress ...

Press articles can be found here.

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