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Clear melodies // Heavy riffs // Melancholic vocals with an outburst !


CAPITAN is a correlation grown out of common mindsets from a group of friends living in Mechelen (BE). Sharing the same perspectives about arts; way of living and of course the passion for music. Since 2019 we started playing with our project. All music is written by CAPITAN

Members: Björn Nauwelaerts Vocals & Keyboard fx Kevin Brondel Lead guitar Rafaël Clavie Rhythm guitar Jonathan Lievrouw Bass guitar Nick Boonen Drums & fx


Album CASCADES released on 08/03/2021 This album sheds light on a rather dim chapter, the dragging process of dealing with doubt, betrayal and the realization that everything,sometimes even love,

is transient.


Influences such as E.L.R. - Brutus - Oh Hiroshima

Contacts: info@capitanmusic.com / www.capitanmusic.com /

Bookings: https://www.necktwister.com/portfolio-item/capitan/


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