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CAMEL'S DROP is a generational co-creative band of open-spirited family and friends representing cultural unity through art and reggae music. The sound system culture and its social movement reflects their own personal style of dub & reggae. Pleasing contrasts of bright, beautiful melodies with vocalists Dhazed, Little Miss Sweets & Prince Far Out (Skyblasters) blazing forth amongst wholly charismatic talents capturing the hearts of any audience time after time!

The reggae-power of Camel’s Drop stands for “CHANT DOWN BABYLON”: hope for positive change through conscious lyrics, deep Reggae vibes, unity & love. They won't wait until the last straw breaks the camel's back.

They released their first album in 2019 "WE NAH GONNA WAIT" , reviewed on Reggae.be and Irieittes.de

"Excellent debut of a band that knows damn well what they're doing"

Jah Rebel, album review (Reggae.be)

"Super groupe autant en live que humainement. Big respect à eux" Stoneman (Atomic Spliff)

Le résultat de cette formation est un très bon album, qui groove, qui rub-a-dub, avec des parties qui semblent improvisées ou jouée en jam session” Irie Nation

Mit 'We Nah Gonna Wait' überrumpeln diese Belgier mit der Art und Weise wie sie fette Beats und Bässe auf schöne Melodien klatschen” Zvjezdan Markovic (Irieites)

In the summer of 2019 they performed at the legendary festivals Polé Polé, Herbakkersfestival (N9 Eeklo), Paulusfeesten, Fonnefeesten ... JH Nijdrop

Their first "One Riddim COmpilation Album" will be released in 2022 featuring Omar Perry, Stoneman (Atomic Spliff) and many more...


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