Bravo Big Band

Bravo Big Band

De Bravo Big Band is een nagelnieuwe big band bestaande uit jonge muzikanten die eenzelfde liefde voor dit genre in de jazz delen

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B is for Brussels, Belgium and the famous Bravo BXL jazz club, home and inspiration for the band.

R is for Recognition and Respect; in just six years, famous names like Michel Herr, Pierre Drevet, Johan Plomb, Klas Lindquist and Lode Mertens have shared the stage with the Bravos.

A is for Agility and Adaptability; with the rhythmic freedom of a small jazz combo and the range and colour of the full big band, the Bravos take on all styles, from vintage swing to funk, flamenco and French chanson.

V is for Verve and Virtuosity; an infectious enthusiasm runs through everything they do, from tight ensemble work and challenging harmonies to fresh, melodic improvisation.

O is for Orchestra, Opus and Obvious; illustrating a shared passion for the special sound of the large jazz ensemble, “Another Story” is the Bravos’ first album and features their own compositions. And it’s abundantly clear why these guys just love to get together and play!




  • Rob Banken

    Blazer, Alt Saxofoon

  • Dieter Vaganée

    Blazer, Alt Saxofoon

  • Bruno Van der Haegen

    Tenor Saxofoon

  • Matthias Van den Brande

    Tenor Saxofoon

  • Ruben Verbruggen

    Blazer, Bariton Saxofoon

  • Quinten De Craecker


  • Robbe Defraye

    Blazer, Trombone

  • Vincent Heirman

    Blazer, Trombone

  • Bart Van Gorp

    Blazer, Bas Trombone

  • Loic Dumoulin

    Blazer, Trompet

  • Daniel Vanderhoydoncks

    Blazer, Trompet

  • Thomas Mayade

    Blazer, Trompet

  • Antoine Dawans

    Blazer, Trompet

  • Karel Cuelenaere

    Toetsen, Piano

  • Guillaume Vierset


  • Ruben Lamon

    Bas, Contrabas

  • Matthias De Waele

    • 36



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