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The band is the unison between two musical souls. Gunther Wyckmans handles the production and percussion, while Lindsay Benoodt transforms her lyrics into catchy vocals.

Live they work with different kind of great guest musicians. Artists who have already worked with them are Hans Van Keilegom as the Mc & guitarplayer, Renaud Crols who plays magical on his violin, Gerrie De Waard experiments with his guitar sounds, Mike Smeulders who plays accordion & piano.

The name ‘Boulvard’ was chosen because they are on a road to somewhere, going anywhere… with endless possibility’s. They don’t like to be labeled as on particular style, but instead take inspiration from whatever crosses their path.

Boulvard started as a studio project but rapidly moved out on stage in 2011 thanks to a music competition (Maanrockrally Mechelen) where they were directly selected for the finals. They bring an energetic live performance soaked in electro swing, funk, dance, 50′s, balkan, world, nu-jazz, … With the right amount of dance, groove and funk!

Because of their constant need for mixing up different styles of music, they are being booked for many different kinds of events, gigs & festivals: Electro swing parties, Moulin Rock festival, The Magic Mirrors, Summer & Winter bars, public houses, gipsy fesivals, Vispop,… Thanks to their diverse musical background & their energetic prescence on stage, they can get any crowd moving, young ànd old. It’s guaranteed to be a party!

In 2012 they recorded their first album “On a road to somewhere” @ The Art Sound studio, another step in their continuous evolution, another brick in the Boulevard!


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