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Boi Wonder is a twosome, producing pop songs for the moody and the tenderhearted. The tracks share an edgy, almost alarming vibe, scrubbed with piercing 808’s, floaty ad libs and anxious steel drums. Think: Mount Kimbie, Burial or James Blake.

All music is written and recorded by Maxiem Charlier and Jelle Lisson in recording studio And If, at the majestic beguinage of Sint-Truiden. On stage, Boi Wonder metamorphoses into a live band, with vocals by Stijn Gielen (Johnny Berlin) and drums by Jan Haspeslagh (Ozark Henry).

First two singles ‘Living Room’ (released October 29, 2018) and ‘Whispers’ (July 12, 2019) were immediately picked up by Belgium’s national radio station, Radio 1. Single 'I Like You' (November 15, 2019) has hit the playlists of Radio 1, Bruzz and Stubru.

In March 2020, a debut album will be dropped by Pelican Fly, the Brussels-based label that paved the way for internationally renowned artists like Cashmere Cat, Lido, Sinjin Hawke and Canblaster.

Management and bookings: Christophe Fedele (christophe@headstrong.be) Label: Pelican Fly (wepelicanfly.net)


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