Blues Messenger

Blues Messenger

blues 'n roll // country for the lonely // folk for the soul

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Blues Messenger is a road trip, from Mississippi to Chicago, with a sprinkle of New Orleans and a pitstop in the Appalachian Mountains. Imagine a dinner party with Son House, Dr. John & Muddy Waters, and a guest appearance by Johnny Cash - not for the faint of heart, but undeniably good for the soul.

  • Belgian Blues Challenge 2022 Finalist
  • Unsigned Only 2022 Finalist
  • Grand Jury Prize & Audience Choice Award for Best Music @ Richmond International Film Festival 2022




  • Ruben Bertrands

    • 34
    • Leuven (BE)

    Stem - Mondharmonica


  • RB & The Nightcaps @ De Hoorn

    Leuven (BE)

  • RB & The Nightcaps

    Brussel (BE)

  • RB & The Nightcaps @ De Hoorn

    Leuven (BE)

  • Jachtival

    Leuven (BE)

  • Lokale Helden

    Leuven (BE)


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