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    • Melodic Techno/House / dance
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    • Solo


"Music is everything - without resonance everything would appear to be nothing more than a hollow shell",

Jamie Right evokes sounds of emotions through layered textures and soaring musical stories. As the reality you know (IT)distorts and fades, Jamie takes you on a journey somewhere inbetween space, time and your desires. Dissolving into a thrilling dynamic sound where your imagination goes wild.

Still “hangry" for more, Jamie Right followed producing courses.

For the past 15years he started to work at venues and clubs, where he fell in love with Electronic Dance Music .

It was not for long until he was passionate about starting his DJ journey.

Over the years he played at various venues and perfectioned his skills.

He will keep your feet on the ground but makes your head soar in the cloud!

You knew him from: Forgotten Festival, BDC Invites, Urban Jungle, Resident Lagossa, Resident Den Drempel, Vlaams Huis, The Mezz, Monotion, Versuz, Dagdisco, Bloom, Terland, La Chapelle and many more...




  • Benjamin Brouns

    • 31
    • Bree, België

    DJ - Elektronica - Gitaar - Gitaar, Moog Sub 37



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