Basement Critters

Basement Critters

Belgian metallic hardcore band. Releasing full album this 2020. Teasers to be heard in music section below.

    • Hardcore
    • Metalcore
    • Crossover
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Basement Critters are a Belgian metallic hardcore band,

Take 5 different characters with a different taste of music and throw them in a blender, add some influences like Machine Head, Prong, RATM, Killswitch Engage, Helmet, Heaven Shall Burn and after chopping, creaming and pureeing you hear Basement Critters.

Do they really have nothing in common? Actually, yes, they are all raised in the H8000 Hardcore scene/area when all hell broke loose with bands like Blindfold, Congress, Liar, Regression... . The nineties vibe and groove is Basement Critters signature, we want to bring back that "special" feeling. Let's protest again.

After their first steps to record a demo at Empyrean studio, they went to Germany to work with Lasse Lammert at the LSD studio for the recording of the ep Hurt Me With The Truth and from then on WormHoleDeath records came into the picture , distribution of the EP and a plan for the future.The first full album.

Basement Critters went to Italy at the MathlabRecordingStudio to work with Producer Jonathan Mazzeo and signed a worldwide record deal with WormHoleDeath records.

01/05/2020 album: GOD SAVE US AS.JPEG on WormHoleDeathLabel




  • Thomas Marijsse

    • 47
    • Ronse (BE)


  • Glenn Labie

    • 44
    • Zwevegem (BE)


  • Sven Caes

    • 45
    • Zwevegem (BE)


  • Steve Ruysschaert

    • 50
    • Spiere-Helkijn (BE)


  • Frederik Vanwymelbeke

    • 45
    • Avelgem (BE)




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