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Straightforward indie rock songs about you, and everyone you know. For fans of: Eels, Beck, Father John Misty, Elliott Smith & Strand of Oaks.


- opened sold out main stage at AB for Sophia

- sold out headline release show at STUK Labozaal

- threefold Apple Music Tip of the Week

- iTunes US Top 100 Indie Rock

- picked up by StuBru, Radio 1, De Standaard, De Morgen, 3voor12, ...

- Belgian shows at Trix, 4AD, AB Club, Arenbergschouwburg, ...

- curated Spotify playlists as New Alternative, Indie Goesting, Fresh Folk, ...

- Dutch tour in Mezz, Hedon, Vorstin, Gigant, Muziekgieterij, ...

- first German tour in Köln, Hamburg, Hannover, Berlin, ...

- campaign theme of 12-12 action by VRT, VTM & SBS

- airplay in series De Ridder on national tv channel één

- airplay in series Project Axel on national tv channel VIER

- editor's choice at Deezer Benelux - picked up by Enola, Oorworm, DaMusic, Cutting Edge, IndieStyle, ...

- album mastered by John Davis (Nick Cave, U2, Led Zeppelin, ...)


'Indierock pure sang. Frontman Nico Kennes strikes a melancholic chord with his beautiful plunking' (Studio Brussel)

'This semi-acoustic indie band is warmhearted and decisive. Very good!' (3voor12)

'It’s melodical melancholy in the same vein as Sophia and Eels.' (De Standaard)

'One of the upcoming talents in the Belgian music scene' (Radio 1)

'Emotional, straightforward, and raw' (Enola.be)

'Wonderful collection of melancholic and compelling songs' (OOR)

'Barely Autumn exposes narrative through raw-heart felt delivery' - John Murch, Radio Adelaide (Australia)

'Barely Autumn sounds like Wilco at their purest' (Indiestyle)


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