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Dear fans and listeners,

Barefoot And the Shoes have been active and performing live since 2009. Now, 8 years later, it is time for something new.

We went through various phases, during which we welcomed several interesting band members, and grew enormously as individuals and as a whole.

Our music ranged from americana to blues, rock, even to psychedelic prog-folk.

Our last show has taken place on November 27th 2016 in a living room in Brussels. We know many people weren't be able to attend this concert, but on the other hand we consider ourselves way too young for a farewell concert. The end of Barefoot And The Shoes is just the beginning.

Barefoot And The Shoes was a great learning school to get to know the world of music and we gained much experience with our studio albums ‘Exit Out Of Dreamland’ (2011) and ‘The Lalaland Laggard’ (2013), and the live album ‘Schuur Sessies’ (2014). We’re ready to take a step forward.

We’ve been working on fresh material and will return with a new project.

See you soon.


Brent, Sander, Vincent and Marijn



The name of the band, Barefoot And The Shoes, dates from the early childhood of Brent Buckler where he, as a self-proclaimed alchemist, was trying to reproduce real leather by walking barefoot all the time.

Barefoot And The Shoes is a promising Indie-folk band from Belgium. Their songs can be described as an alchemical stamppot of tales and tunes or a hodgepodge of burning sand, licorice roots, rag pop, a golden ducat, a shark’s tail and two twigs of rosemary.

Brent Buckler [vocals/guitar/mandolin], Sander Cliquet [backings/guitar/synths], Vincent Lembregts [bass guitar] and Marijn Geerts [drums] stumbled upon each other in 2012 and it was clear from the start they were all marching to the same tune.

In the past they played shows such as Dranouter, Marktrock, Mano Mundo, Suikkerrock, Ancienne Belgique, Depot Leuven and did supports for Eva De Roovere, Roland and Steven De bruyn, An Pierlé, The Bony King of Nowhere, The Delta Saints, Blackberry Smoke and El Fish. Besides that they wrote the Creditsong for the Flemish Movie ‘Los Flamencos’ in 2013.



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