Homemade dreampop.

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Baltimore was born in the basement of the tree brothers Verlaak back in 2015. They produce synth and guitar driven pop songs that resonate the sound of bands like Tame Impala, Mad Demarco and MGMT. All driven by a DIY approach in both releasing songs and creating visual content.

Winner of the Stoemp!-price (Rockrace Brussels), finalist of Burgrock.

Selected for De Nieuwe Lichting (2016, 2017) by Studio Brussel.

Played in most of Belgian renowned clubs like Trix, ABclub, Kouter, CaféCafé, RITCS Café, Stoemp!

3VOOR12: "The Belgian band Baltimore makes surprisingly well made psychedelic rock. A clear and fresh sound played with fun and ambition."

Enola of the month: "Baltimore listened quite well to the Nuggets Compilations, Bed Rugs and the earlier Flaming Lips. They pour over their songs with psychedelic noise which works infectious but also twisting like in the pounding song Hippo Highway. Pearly Gates, marked by the compelling guitar line, has this glorious floaty vibe which brings the song miles above the stratosphere. Sometimes you don't need much more than this type of music to provide your indian summer with the perfect soundtrack."

Dagelijksvanalles about "Homester" (album): "Baltimore brings with 'Homester' a strong debut album. Psychedelics that lie somewhere between pop and indierock but most of all: it goes onto repeat for a couple of times. A mighty debut with a few strong singles. Did they recently conquer a spot in your playlist? A warned man or woman is worth two."

Indiestyle of the month: "This group searches for a nice balance between bombastic and finess, floaty adventure and catchy choruses, rest and rage. This all packed in a box full of psychedelic illustrations. Anno 2017 you are most likely immediately going to think about Tame Impala or War On Drugs with such a description. And this is probably also where the guys got their inspiration from."




  • Martijn Verlaak

    • 32
    • Hasselt (BE)

    Gitaar - Stem

  • Jasper Verlaak

    • 31
    • Hasselt (BE)


  • Hans Truijen

    • 32
    • Molenbeersel (BE)


  • Kay Bruckers

    • 33
    • Molenbeersel (BE)


  • Brent Verlaak

    • 28
    • Molenbeersel (BE)




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