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Aufhebung is a Belgian post-metal band formed in summer 2020 by members of two former bands. Working towards a first release, Aufhebung has since changed lineups several times, the three consistent members being composers/guitarists Simon Neskens and Sebastiaan Wets as well as sound designer Joris Vanschoren. They are now completed by August Corthouts on bass and Mika De Preter on drums.

Sonically, the Brussels-based band draws from contemporary acts in post-rock, doom metal and somber classical composition. It prevails in transforming these influences by injecting walloping arrangements, impactful contrasts, dark atmospheric layers, unbalancing patterns and alienating noise into the canvas. Numerous machines are constantly swapped and added in the odyssey for original and satisfactory sonic textures.

Their first release, the post-doom full-length 'Chasms,' is recorded in Hasselt in the second half of 2020. Recording, mix and mastering were done in the Farrm studios by technician Jan Viggria (The Guru Guru, Statue,...). Since, they have played Samhain, Rock Herk, opened for Maybeshewill, to name a few.

The five-piece continues to push boundaries and work with extremities on several levels. The homage to slowness that is the first album is contrasted and completed by a more up-tempo rhythmical feel on the tracks that will make up the next record. The deliberate attack on grooviness remains throughout, but takes on new dimensions on the second record.

Often described as filmic, atmospheric and reflective, Aufhebung brings to the stage an energy that is as dynamic as their music. A delicate interplay with distance keeps the attention of the listener focused on the stage for the duration of their set. This spatial-auditive synesthesia is the revolving door of the live experience Aufhebung puts forth.

FFO: Amenra, Russian Circles, Pelican, ISIS



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  • Simon Neskens

    • 28
    • Lummen (BE)


  • Joris Vanschoren

    • 26
    • 1030 Schaarbeek, België

    Elektronica - keys.

  • Sebastiaan Wets

    • 29
    • 1030 Schaarbeek, België


  • August Corthouts

    • 29
    • Brussel (BE)


  • Mika De Preter

    • 25
    • Brussels (BE)




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