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You’re moving through the silence of outer space A giant shuttle brings you to your destination Halfway there when you need to refuel Pull up to the gas station and stock up on supplies Even here you can find the new Atomic Vulture album. They have been pleasing listeners since 2011 and even some bumps on the road didn’t slow down the space probe that is Atomic Vulture. Three stoned astronauts - Pascal David (guitar), Jens Van Hollebeke (drums) and Kris Hoornaert (bass) - explore the outskirts of the outer universe.

They’ve rocked the stage of: Alcatraz Festival (BE), Desertfest (BE), Red Smoke Festival (PL), Nebular Festival (MT), Pietra Sonica Festival (IT), Yellowstock (BE), 4AD (BE), Rockhouse Bar (AT), Kinky Star (BE), Helios 37 (DE), Music City (BE), Unicorn (UK), Magdalena (BE), Vortex (DE), Le Ferrailleur (FR), Psyka Festival (DE), Salla Hollander (ES), ...

Shared the stage with: Kadavar, Greenleaf, Monkey 3, Colour Haze, Dopelord, Spiders, Psychonaut, Fatso Jetson, Desert Storm, Ritual King, Papir, Troy Torino, Cowboys & Aliens, King Hiss, Zoë, Radar Men from the Moon, Komatsu, Sardonis, Rotor, Fire Down Below, Maudlin, Samsara Blues Experiment, The Spacelords, Monolith, The Glücks, Black Rainbows, Swamp Machine, Black Mirrors, Carneia, Temple Fang, Conan, The Great Machine, Alkerdeel, …


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